room in a sentence

There is no room in the second class compartment.

The bus is overcrowded, there is no room for more passengers.

There is no room on this berth.

His room was as black as pitch.

There was an absolute silence in the room.

I heard a peculiar sigh of pain in the next room.

This room is large enough to accommodate all.

I had always been meticulous about keeping my room tidy.

The principal ordered students to sort out the chairs in the room.

She left the room hurriedly.

He was late for the meeting, so he entered the room with a whirl of apologies.

The sunlight is streaming into this room through the window.

You should tidy up your study room from time to time.

Almost every room is fitted with an electric fan.

He entered the room hurriedly.

My friend burst in the room while I was sleeping.

Can you step into my room for a minute?

I wind up the old clock in my living room every week.

I’d like a single room, please.

The room is full of furniture.

The room has been booked.

Leave this room at once.

Lock the room.

These weak pillars will not keep up the room.

They are arranging the furniture in the living room.

He is playing in the living room.

We are in the room.

Please wait outside the room for a minute.

In a bachelor’s room things are always lying. at sixes and sevens.

I came to the wrong room by mistake.

Do you recognize the girl walking across the room?

He is in the room.

Is there a room available for tonight?

This room is large enough.

He came into my room and spoiled my books.

She was lying on the floor of her room.

Tell him to leave the room.

My room is on the fourth floor.

There is no one in the room.

Don’t enter this room.

He came into my room while I was writing.

The child entered the class-room stealthily.

Boys were making a noise in the class-room.

This room needs sweeping.

Come inside the room.

Such a cosy little room !

They locked him up in a room but he broke out.

I use this room.

The room was filled with smoke.

This is our room.

If a burglar came into my room at night I’d scream.

This room hasn’t been cleaned for months.

The air in this room is foul.

On entering the room he saw his friend.

When she entered the room she saw the vase broken.

There is no room in this compartment.

Give your room a good sweep.

Let him be told to leave the room at once.

This room is full of smoke.

The room he lives in is small.

A room has four walls.

No sooner did the teacher come to the room than the children started writing.

The room is large enough to accommodate all students.

This room needs to be swept.

The room has been cleaned.

He daren’t go into a dark room at night.

You cannot enter this room without my permission.

Please do not enter the room without knocking.

My room is on the fourth floor.

There’s no space in the room for another bed.

The room was so full of smoke that I could hardly breathe.

The room was hot.

She sweeps the room with a broom.

She cleaned her room in a hurry.

He sits in his room all day and does nothing.

She furnished the room with beautiful furniture.

He entered the room after you left.

I am looking for room with twin beds.

What is my room number?

My room is teeming with danger.

I like to decorate my room with flowers.

The table in that room is very nice.