endless in a sentence

It has brought a lot of misery to endless people in our country.

It seemed an endless task.

A friendless person stands alone.

A man’s desires are endless.

He started endless non-violent campaign against the British rule.

A child is full of curiosity and endless energy.

Desires are endless. Nobody can satisfy all his desires.

Are you living your life with endless fights and arguments?

The nutritional value of beans are endless.

Fulfillment of desires only leads to an endless chain of desires.

Human diseases are endless.

The train of thoughts seems endless.

Our universe is vast and endless.

We have endless responsibilities at home and office every single day.

The festival means endless fun.

Life is a journey of endless phases of failure and successes.

Is space endless?

It is just an endless cycle of suffering.

There is endless happiness in our relationship.

Sometimes love is completely lost between two people and the reasons are endless.

There are endless numbers of bacteria all around.

Benefits of fruits are endless.

Coconut has endless contribution to good hair.

They are endless in number.

Their passion is endless.

Desires are endless.

Troubles are endless.

It has brought a lot of misery to endless people in our country.

Desires are endless.

He bored me with his endless tales.

I cannot bear her endless love.

An endless flow of tears fell from her eyes.

He has an endless store of good jokes.

I was bored with his endless sermon.