advantages in a sentence

Computers have a large number of advantages.

A man derives many advantages by keeping silent.

Space research has many advantages.

Children should be informed about the advantages of playing games.

The advantages of study are innumerable.

What are its advantages and disadvantages ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system of working ?

It has manifold advantages.

What are the advantages of being old?

Which advantages do you get by reading the newspaper?

In the few last years, the advantages of the women empowerment are coming out in front of us.

A morning walk has many advantages.

There are plenty of advantages of studying according to a timetable.

The advantages of this are many.

She took advantage of the opportunity.

What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernization?

Has it any advantages?

An open kitchen has many advantages and disadvantages.

Synonyms Of Advantages – Another Words

Asset, Choice, Convenience, Dominance, Edge, Favor, Gain, Improvement, Influence, Interest, Lead, Leverage, Position, Power, Preference, Profit, Protection, Recognition, Return, Superiority, Support, Upper, Hand, Wealth, Aid, Ascendancy, Assistance, Authority, Avail, Blessing, Boon, Break, Comfort, Eminence, Expediency, Good, Gratification, Help, Hold, Leeway, Luck, Mastery, Odds, Precedence, Prestige, Prevalence, Resources, Sanction, Starting, Supremacy, Utility

Antonyms Of Advantages – Opposite Words

Block, Disadvantage, Disapproval, Disfavor, Harm, Hurt, Impotence, Incapacity, Inferiority, Injury, Loss, Subservience, Waste, Weakness, Bad Fortune, Bad Luck, Blockage, Hindrance, Misfortune, Obstruction, Stop