called in a sentence

A teacher is called a nation builder or a man maker.

I called him to my place.

Our National flag is also called as the tiranga Jhanda as it has three colors.

Mahatma Gandhi is called the father of the nation.

When a phrase acts as a noun it is called a noun phrase.

Failures have been called the stepping stones to success.

An angle of 90 degrees is called a right angle.

There are special hospitals for animals called the veterinary hospitals.

Any mineral from which a metal is obtained is called an ore.

What is a baby horse called?

Why is the crow called a scavenger?

The principal called in the police.

He called at my place yesterday.

We called in the police

He called for firemen.

It definitely called for cautious treatment.

He called his friend to get help.

He hasn’t called us yet.

Why have you called me an idler

I called on my friend yesterday.

Why have you called me to this gathering?

What were you doing when I called last night?

I called on my friend this morning.

The teacher called over our names from the register.

The doctor called to see him every other day.

I was engaged in work when he called on me.

Who have you called?

I have called her five times.

The teacher called up the roll.

The doctor was called in at the eleventh hour.

The doctor was called in to see the patient.

He called a spade a spade.

Have they called you here?

The doctor was called at the eleventh hour, so he could not save the patient.

Who called you?

Could you tell him that I called, please?

I was taking a bath when you called.

He called him a fool.

I called on you last evening but you were not at home.

He called on me a few days ago.

She was doing her work when I called on her.

Yesterday he called on me.

I called him, but he gave me no answer.

You called me and here I am.

I called upon his house no less than four times.

Have you called out the roll?

He called to see my brother.

I called at your place but you were away at that time.

He called her a fool.

When I called on her, she was sleeping.

The teacher had called the rolls.

You were sleeping when I called you.

Synonyms Of Called – Another Words

Christened, Labeled, Termed

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