paint in a sentence

Definition – Paint


  • Material use to color the face
  • A solid coloring substance


  • Collection of tubes or cakes or coloring materials

Verb transitive and transitive

  • Coat the surface a the paint
  • Describe vividly in words
  • Make the picture with paint

Example Sentences

  1. Would you like him to paint it?
  2. The door badly needs a coat of paint.
  3. The paint was probably still wet.
  4. There is green paint on the door.
  5. Which picture did you paint ?
  6. Did they paint this door?
  7. Did they paint this board ?
  8. The colour of this paint is absolutely awful.
  9. You can paint it as you want.
  10. It will take a week to apply paint to our house.
  11. The paint on the wall has worn away.
  12. It is the most gorgeous paint box I have ever seen.
  13. The paint on the door is not dry yet.
  14. Some day I’ll paint a great picture.
  15. The paint isn’t dry yet.
  16. The paint is still wet.
  17. The paint is very thin.
  18. He sprayed black paint on my door.
  19. Be careful not to touch the paint.
  20. Will you paint a picture?
  21. Did he paint his masterpiece ?
  22. I finally decided to paint it blue.
  23. Do you want me to paint you?
  24. The paint hasn’t dried yet.
  25. Why did you paint this?
  26. The paint is peeling off.
  27. The paint on the seat on which you are sitting is still wet.
  28. We’ll paint it.
  29. We didn’t need to paint the fence.
  30. Please paint the door white.
  31. We will paint the fence tomorrow.
  32. I made him paint the house.
  33. The paint was coming off the wall.
  34. I have to paint it.

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