aid in a sentence

Advertisements can be made with the aid of loudspeakers.

Self-improvement and self-analysis direct our life, and aid us in finding solutions to our problems.

Cucumber and celery aid in digestion, and help to burn calories.

She uses a hearing aid.

I rushed to the nearby doctor for first aid.

In many villages, medical aid is scarce and people die of diseases.

He was badly in need of first aid.

Many people living outside the country offered aid to the workers who had lost their jobs.

He gave first aid to the injured passengers.

We gave him the first aid and then he was taken to the Civil Hospital.

He was given medical aid and after some time he regained consciousness.

All the cases are serious and need proper medical aid urgently and immediately.

Medical aid was provided at various places.

The government allocated funds to aid in the development of rural infrastructure.

She used a cane to aid her mobility after the accident.

The teacher used visual aids to enhance the students’ understanding of the topic.

The new medical breakthrough promises to aid in the treatment of cancer.

The charitable foundation raised funds to aid in the fight against poverty.

The new software tool was designed to aid in streamlining the company’s workflow.

The international community collaborated to provide aid to war-torn regions.

The lifeguard was quick to offer aid to the struggling swimmer in distress.

The generous donations from the public aided in the disaster relief efforts.

The search and rescue dogs were crucial in aiding the recovery of survivors after the earthquake.

The nonprofit organization aims to provide educational aids to children in remote areas.

The new technology was developed to aid doctors in diagnosing rare medical conditions more accurately.

The foreign aid provided by developed countries helps improve infrastructure and healthcare in underdeveloped nations.

The hiking gear and equipment were aids that ensured the safety of the expedition.

The tutor offered extra study sessions to aid students struggling with the subject matter.

The book contained helpful study aids, such as practice questions and summaries of key concepts.

The team captain’s motivational speech served as an aid to boost the team’s morale before the championship match.

The government implemented policies to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions and combat climate change.

The smartphone app was designed to aid users in learning new languages through interactive lessons.

The counselor provided emotional aid and support to individuals dealing with grief and loss.

The scientist received a grant to aid in their research on renewable energy sources.

The company donated computers and other technological aids to improve digital literacy in schools.

The emergency responders coordinated their efforts to aid the victims of a major traffic accident.

The financial aid package enabled the student to pursue higher education despite limited financial resources.

The soothing music served as an aid to help the patients relax during their medical treatments.

The charity organization dispatched medical teams to aid in the vaccination drive during the global pandemic.

The map and compass were essential aids for navigating through the dense forest.

The government launched an employment aid program to assist individuals in finding suitable jobs.

The guidebook provided helpful aids for tourists exploring the historic city.

The engineers developed a prototype to aid in testing the efficiency of the new solar panels.

The software application acted as an aid to track expenses and budget effectively.

The volunteers distributed food and essential aids to the homeless population.

The team used scientific aids to analyze the data and draw meaningful conclusions from the experiments.

The disaster preparedness training included first aid techniques to handle injuries during emergencies.

The multimedia presentation served as an aid in presenting complex concepts to the audience.

The organization collaborated with local artisans to produce handmade crafts, with the proceeds aiding community development projects.

The new law was implemented to aid in the protection of endangered species.

The smartphone app acts as a virtual aid for language translation and communication.

The special education teacher provided individualized aids to support students with learning disabilities.

The latest medical technology was introduced to aid in the early detection of diseases.

The government issued travel advisories as an aid for citizens planning to visit high-risk regions.

The advanced navigation system provided real-time traffic updates, aiding commuters in choosing the fastest routes.

The NGO set up shelters and provided aid to refugees fleeing from war-torn regions.

The therapist used various therapeutic aids to help the patient recover from physical injuries.

The search and rescue team employed advanced sonar technology to aid in finding the missing aircraft.

The organization’s disaster relief fund was established to aid in responding quickly to calamities worldwide.

The scientific calculator is a valuable aid for solving complex mathematical equations.

The medication acts as an aid to manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses.

Synonyms Of Aid – Another Words

Assistance, Benefit, Care, Compensation, Cooperation, Gift, Relief, Service, Subsidy, Treatment, Advancement, Advice, Advocacy, Alleviation, Allowance, Assist, Attention, Backing, Backup, Benefaction, Benevolence, Bounty, Charity, Comfort, Deliverance, Encouragement, Endowment, Favor, Furtherance, Giving, Guidance, Hand, Handout, Lift, Ministration, Ministry, Patronage, Promotion, Reinforcement, Rescue, Reward, Salvation, Sustenance

Antonyms Of Aid – Opposite Words

Damage, Handicap, Harm, Hindrance, Hurt, Injury, Loss, Penalty, Stoppage, Disfavor, Ill Will, Malevolence, Opposition, Silence, Stop, Taking, Unkindness

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