aid in a sentence

Advertisements can be made with the aid of loudspeakers.

Self-improvement and self-analysis direct our life, and aid us in finding solutions to our problems.

Cucumber and celery aid in digestion, and help to burn calories.

She uses a hearing aid.

I rushed to the nearby doctor for first aid.

In many villages, medical aid is scarce and people die of diseases.

He was badly in need of first aid.

Many people living outside the country offered aid to the workers who had lost their jobs.

He gave first aid to the injured passengers.

We gave him the first aid and then he was taken to the Civil Hospital.

He was given medical aid and after some time he regained consciousness.

All the cases are serious and need proper medical aid urgently and immediately.

Medical aid was provided at various places.

Synonyms Of Aid – Another Words

Assistance, Benefit, Care, Compensation, Cooperation, Gift, Relief, Service, Subsidy, Treatment, Advancement, Advice, Advocacy, Alleviation, Allowance, Assist, Attention, Backing, Backup, Benefaction, Benevolence, Bounty, Charity, Comfort, Deliverance, Encouragement, Endowment, Favor, Furtherance, Giving, Guidance, Hand, Handout, Lift, Ministration, Ministry, Patronage, Promotion, Reinforcement, Rescue, Reward, Salvation, Sustenance

Antonyms Of Aid – Opposite Words

Damage, Handicap, Harm, Hindrance, Hurt, Injury, Loss, Penalty, Stoppage, Disfavor, Ill Will, Malevolence, Opposition, Silence, Stop, Taking, Unkindness

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