came in a sentence

Television came to India in 1959.

Science came into existence when man struggled to overpower the forces of nature.

I switched off the machine and it came to rest.

He walked down the aisle and came to the altar.

He did not notice me when he came in.

The picture came out of the frame.

They reveled when the verdict came in their favor.

As soon as I came out of the house, the roof collapsed.

I’m really glad you came.

A month has passed since I came here .

He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall.

We spent about six hours in the fair and came back in the evening.

I put on my clothes and came out.

In the evening, I came hack home.

It came as a surprise to me.

I came out of the hall cheerful and satisfied with my performance.

Pakistan came into being in 1947.

Seven years have passed since I came here.

He faced the disaster that came upon.

He came at 7 o’clock.

She came by a red car.

It is a mystery how he came here.

He came here last year.

When the time was over, I handed over my answer-book to the supervisor and came out of the hall.

The function came to a close.

Her death came to all of us as a bolt from the blue.

We came back to our camp at noon for lunch.

Many social organizations came forward to help the earthquake victims.

She came out of her house speaking hard words.

Synonyms Of Came – Another Words

Appear, Arrive, Become, Enter, Get, Happen, Hit, Materialize, Move, Occur, Reach, Show, Show Up, Attain, Burst, Buzz, Flare, Near, Originate

Antonyms Of Came – Opposite Words

Conceal, Depart, Disappear, Discourage, Dissuade, Fail, Go, Hide, Leave, Lose, Miss, Stop

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