run in a sentence

It seems to have run down.

The lease of the land has run out.

The year has run out.

Will you run a race ?

It always run very smoothly.

This machine can run for hours at a stretch.

He narrowly escaped being run over by a speeding car.

When I was child, I could run fast.

“You couldn’t run away from me.

The dog was cruelly run over by a truck.

This college building was run up in just six months.

The watch has run down.

Wise men do not run after foolish entertainments.

Do you run every day?

Kindly run over the accounts.

Don’t run fast.

I had to run through the book in an hour.

I jog instead of run every day.

I want to run my own business.

Let them run a race.

The hare can run very fast.

Your wife has run away.

He was run over by a motor car.

Had you run fast you would have won the race.

Since you are not well, you need not run the race.

Vehicles run on petrol or diesel.

The rat run into the hole.

He is so fat that he can’t run fast.

Don’t run fast, otherwise you will fall.

The lease of this farm has run out.

Let us not run any risk by going there.

If you walk in the middle of the road, you will be run over.

We shall run a race.

You must run fast to catch the bus.

The thief had not run away before the police came.

Should not run after what we cannot get.

Petrol is used to run motor vehicles.

My watch has run down.

He whipped the horse to make it run faster.

I have run out cigarettes.

Having run at top speed, he got out of breath.

Had you run fast, you would have caught the train.

Run fast or you will miss the train.

The well has run dry.

You must run fast to catch the bus.

He can run a mile.

Those who run too much after money, can never be happy.

He can run much faster.

I cannot run fast.

Do not run fast.

He was run over by a fast moving truck.

Let us do our duty and not run after the reward.

He can run twelve kilometers an hour.

How fast can you run ?

Those who are weak and cowardly, often run away from danger.

He was young and could run very fast.

He may run very fast.

Unless you are not careful you will run into debt.

You must run fast or you will not catch the train.

You must run some business.

We run on the circular path of the park.

Mobile phones run on batteries.

Runners run races on the track.

This film had a run for ten weeks.

He will run away as soon as you see him.

You look much run down.

He has run a thorn into his foot.

Our school will run Spoken English classes during the summer vacation.

Trains often run late in winter.

We should not run after material comforts.

He has run into a heavy debt.

you must run fast to catch the train.

He run through his fortune.

He boy was run over by speeding car.

If he had not run away, they would have killed him.

I run very fast.

A cockroach can run up to three miles in an hour.

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