is in a sentence

What is he to you?

India is an agricultural country.

He is in the good books of his teachers.

He is coming tomorrow.

He is reading in class XII.

He is watching T.V.

He is swimming.

This is the only book he has written.

The shop is about to close.

She is coming tomorrow.

Now it is fit to use.

Of course, she will have to work hard to reach for the moon.

What is the origin of the term “blue moon”?

His innocence is certain.

It is lost forever.

It is not so bad if you have a close look at it.

She is the parent of peace and harmony.

It is an accommodation of interest.

He is a hen-pecked husband.

He should stay where he is.

Please tell me what time it is.

Tell me where he is.

No one can imagine what a great man he is.

I asked her what her goal in life is.

A person who wishes to succeed must first know what his goal is.

I don’t know where he is.

Ask him what this is.

What a pretty saree it is.

Please tell me what it is.

I don’t understand what this is.

Tell what the truth is.

The sooner it is done, the better it is.

I have seen him only once and therefore I hardly know what type of man he is.

He looks younger than he is.

Not many people in our college are as sturdy as he is.

You are not as clever as she is.

What a lovely sunset it is.

No one knows who she is.

Your tiffin box is ready and here it is.

I am as tall as she is.

Someone wants to know which way the post office is.

Feel how soft this fur is.

The sooner you go away the better it is.

I don’t know who that man is.

The higher you go, the cooler it is.

Getting your body back in shape is never easy but it is not as difficult as you may think it is.

That is her ink-pot.

The house is vacant.

He is very tall.

It is no mean success.

It is an autobiographical poem.

His contribution to English Literature is immense.

He is in the football team.

This is my house.

How is your father ?

Life today is very fast and mechanical.

This is the best work I have done so far in my life.

Where is justice?

There is no hope for him unless you help him.

He was limping as his leg was injured.

Who is the author of the passage ?

He is brave like a lion.

Effort is required to perform a hard physical task.

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