Indulge in a Sentence

Definition – Indulge

Verb transitive and intransitive

  • Gratify
  • Yield to the desires

Example Sentences

  1. It is not necessary to indulge in flattery to win friends.
  2. We should often indulge in introspection in order to see whether we are right or wrong.
  3. Don’t indulge in too much candy.
  4. Some people indulge in backbiting and speak ill of others.
  5. Politicians often indulge in tall talk.
  6. We must take care that we are never to indulge in unprotected sex.
  7. Don’t indulge in long arguments.
  8. If you want to become a great performer, never indulge in crap entertainment.
  9. We must take care that we are never to indulge in unprotected sex.
  10. I indulge in self-persecution.
  11. Festivals are occasions when people get together to celebrate and indulge in traditional ceremonies and rituals.
  12. Rich people in big cities indulge in fast living.
  13. You should not indulge in such stupid acts.
  14. People who indulge in tall talk are hated by everybody.
  15. Do not indulge in gossiping.
  16. Many a time the depot holders indulge in black-marketing.
  17. Some newspapers indulge in yellow journalism.
  18. Poverty leads them to indulge in criminal activities.
  19. One should indulge in physical activity at least thrice a week.
  20. You must not indulge in drinking.
  21. Don’t indulge yourself too much in drinking.
  22. He began to indulge in drinking after he lost his wife.
  23. They always indulge in double talk.
  24. Do you indulge in smoking up on a regular basis?