secret in a sentence

Ambition is the secret of man’s success.

It is an open secret.

What is the secret of success?

This is an open secret.

He disclosed the secret to me.

There is a secret passage in this hall.

I told her the secret of my success.

This secret is between you and me.

Your secret is safe with me

I told my best friend a secret.

It is a secret between him and me.

Please tell me the secret of your success.

What is the secret of your success?

The secret is out.

I enquired of him the secret of happiness.

It is an open secret that he is leaving the school.

Somehow they got wind of our secret plan.

He cast secret glances at her.

This is my secret getaway,

I will tell you a secret about that.

This time I am on a secret mission.

The foremost secret of happiness is positive thinking.

His visit could not be kept a secret.

His plan is to keep the affair secret.

The decision was secret.

This matter should be kept secret.

Not many women can keep a secret.

She wont’t share her secret with us.

Who can withhold the secret from me?

The news is no longer a secret.

His dismissal is an open secret now.

I’ll remind him to keep this a strict secret.

We kept everything a secret in order to surprise them.

This is the secret .

X-rays have been used for locating secret diseases and invisible matter inside the human body.

There is no secret that I conceal from him.

The secret of Napoleon’s success was that he pressed on under all difficulties and discouragements.

I will leave no stone unturned to find out the secret of her birth.

All their secret schemes were brought to light by the police.

The secret of having an ideal neighbour is to be good to others.

This is a secret between,you and me.

The secret of his success is not known.

I’ll tell you a secret about that.

Everyone has a secret desire to grow tall and have a good height.

Here is Sunny Leone’s secret diet plan to stay fit .

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