nutritious in a sentence

We need nutritious food for good health.

Nutritious foods help us to maintain good health.

Cow gives us a very healthy and nutritious food called milk.

Milk is more nutritious than any other food.

To prevent folic acid deficiency, eat a proper nutritious diet.

Currants are very nutritious.

Nutritious food is essential to health.

Nutritious food helps one lead a life full of energy.

Balanced and nutritious diet is very essential for all of us.

Nutritious food is mandatory for all-around development.

We should apprise people about the importance of nutritious food.

Salad is the best way to utilize the nutritious value of fruits and vegetables.

We should encourage people to eat nutritious and wholesome food.

Our body needs a healthy and nutritious diet.

Nutritious diet in all age groups is important.

The government should make people aware of the importance of nutritious food for good health.

Mother Earth gives us a wealth of nutritious food and various fruits.

We should encourage the students to bring nutritious food in their lunch boxes.

A healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise can reduce stress and boost brain power.

You must take nutritious food and observe strict care in the matter of food and daily routine.

Beans are as nutritious as meat.

Almonds are really nutritious and help in a number of skin hair and body problems.

Bananas are highly nutritious and rich in vitamin and minerals that keep the body energetic.

Adequate sleep is as important as having nutritious food when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is very nutritious and healthy.

Did you know that storing eggs in a refrigerator can deplete their nutritious nature and can also make them toxic?

A lack of nutritious elements in your diet can speed up ageing.

Find out the benefits of this nutritious drink.

You can boost your eye health with a nutritious diet .

Take nutritious food to keep your brain stay healthy during the examination.

You have to eat nutritious foods.

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