increases in a sentence

As the work increases, we shall have to expand our office space.

My anxiety increases with the passage of each minute.

Basically, if you are suffering from diabetes, your metabolic rate increases and you feel hungry and thirsty.

The amount of oxygen in the environment decreases while the amount of carbon dioxide increases as there are not enough trees to absorb the gas.

Lemon increases digestion power.

Reading books increases one’s intelligence.

Reading books increases one’s common sense.

Our experience increases with the age.

When one trader increases the rates the others follow suit.

Travel increases our knowledge.

Our experience increases with the age.

It increases the blood flow and can help in making the skin glow.

It increases the white blood cells in the body and helps fight against infections.

Too much of salt increases the BP which is not good.

Cold weather increases risk of heart disease.

Sleep deprivation increases risk of heart attacks.

His fondness for games increases with his proficiency.

This increases the stress in their lives and their career also suffers as a result.

It increases blood circulation.

Cold temperature increases the risk of heart .

Hydrotherapy for hair increases blood circulation in the scalp.

It increases the chances .

Jumping rope increases blood supply and exerts pressure on the long bones of the body to grow in lth.

Uncontrolled diabetes increases health complications.

Sleep deprivation increases risk of heart attacks.

I don’t know if modern technology increases unemployment.

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