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Our ancestral house is very big.

In older days, choosing a profession was no problem when a son could easily adopt his ancestral profession.

He had a few acres of land as his ancestral property.

He has immense ancestral wealth.

I did not get a share in ancestral property.

I want to sell my ancestral property.

Lack of facilities forced me to leave my ancestral home.

We have ancestral agricultural land in Rajasthan.

He lives with his family in a majestic ancestral house built by his father.

After her husband’s death, she returned to her ancestral home.

Earlier, Indian weddings happened at ancestral homes.

Calendula is a well known herb for skin care among our ancestral times.

Why daughters hesitate to claim their share in ancestral property in India?

Ancestral influence affects you even if you are not aware of them.

He has no access to the ancestral property?

How can the ancestral souls get peace?

He has contributed all his salary and ancestral property to social welfare.

He has started living in his ancestral home.

Their ancestral kingdom was the apple of discord.

He did not want to sell his ancestral house.

It is wrong to fall out for the ancestral property.

I have renounced my right to the ancestral property.

The ancestral property proved to be the bone of contention between the two brothers.

They are quarreling over the division of the ancestral property.

He has staked a claim to the ancestral property.

He did not want to sell his ancestral house.

The old family album contained treasured photographs of our ancestral home, where our grandparents grew up.

She felt a deep connection to her ancestral roots as she explored the ancient ruins of the civilization her ancestors belonged to.

In his speech, the historian spoke passionately about the customs and traditions of our ancestral heritage.

The family heirloom, a beautifully crafted necklace, had been passed down through generations as an ancestral symbol of love and unity.

Returning to her ancestral village, Maria felt a profound sense of belonging and understanding of her family’s history.

The ancestral graveyard was a solemn place where generations of our family were laid to rest.

The ancient artifacts found in the archaeological dig shed light on the lifestyle and beliefs of our ancestral civilization.

The family gathered around the ancestral fireplace, sharing stories of their ancestors and their journey to the present day.

The ancestral lineage of the royal family was meticulously recorded in the grand library of the palace.

The family tree traced back several centuries, displaying the interconnectedness of all the ancestral branches.

As a historian, Sarah dedicated her life to researching and documenting her country’s ancestral past.

The tribal elders carried out a ritual to honor their ancestral spirits, seeking guidance and protection for the community.

The ancestral language was preserved through storytelling and songs, passing down the wisdom of the elders.

The ancient castle, once the home of our ancestral nobility, stood tall as a reminder of our heritage.

The cultural festival celebrated the diversity of ancestral customs and celebrated the rich tapestry of their history.

The young prince was taught the art of leadership from an early age, learning from the wisdom of his ancestral kings.

The family reunion provided an opportunity for relatives from various corners of the world to reconnect with their ancestral origins.

The museum showcased artifacts from different periods of the country’s history, each representing a piece of the ancestral puzzle.

The archeologists were thrilled to discover a well-preserved burial site containing remains of the ancient ancestral civilization.

The family’s ancestral estate, with its sprawling gardens and majestic architecture, was a symbol of their long-standing heritage.

With each generation, the family passed down cherished recipes, preserving the flavors of their ancestral cuisine.

The historical records and documents in the archives provided valuable insights into the struggles and triumphs of our ancestral forebears.

During the traditional ceremony, the eldest member of the family bestowed blessings upon the younger generations, acknowledging their ancestral lineage.

Exploring the ancient family tree, they discovered surprising connections to famous historical figures, adding a sense of pride to their ancestral identity.

The local museum proudly displayed artifacts and artifacts that showcased the unique lifestyle and craftsmanship of the ancestral community.

The sacred pilgrimage to the ancestral homeland held deep spiritual significance, drawing members of the extended family together in a journey of self-discovery.

As part of the cultural exchange program, young individuals visited the distant lands of their ancestral origin to better understand their roots.

The novelist drew inspiration from her ancestral stories, weaving them into her fictional works, captivating readers with tales of the past.

The village elders shared the legends and myths of their ancestral heroes, imparting valuable life lessons to the younger generations.

The family tradition of lighting candles on special occasions originated from an ancestral ritual symbolizing hope and unity.

The school organized an educational program that allowed students to delve into their ancestral history, encouraging a deeper appreciation for their cultural heritage.

As the family gathered for Thanksgiving, they celebrated the feast with recipes handed down through the generations, paying homage to their ancestral heritage.

The community center hosted cultural workshops to preserve ancestral crafts, ensuring they were passed on to future generations.

In the rural countryside, ancient ruins stood as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the ancestral civilization that once thrived there.

The museum’s exhibit showcased the progression of art and craftsmanship from ancient to modern times, reflecting the legacy of ancestral creativity.

The genealogical research revealed distant relatives living across the globe, leading to a global reunion of the extended ancestral family.

The historical novel brought to life the struggles and triumphs of our ancestral heroes, inspiring a renewed sense of pride in the family’s heritage.

On special occasions, the family would hold ceremonies to honor their ancestral spirits, seeking their guidance and protection.

The village elders told enchanting stories about the mythical creatures that were believed to have guarded the ancestral lands in ancient times.

Synonyms Of Ancestral – Another Words

Familial, Tribal, Affiliated, Born With, Congenital, Consanguine, Consanguineous, Genealogical, In The Family, Inborn, Inbred, Inherited

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