ancestral in a sentence

Our ancestral house is very big.

In older days, choosing a profession was no problem when a son could easily adopt his ancestral profession.

He had a few acres of land as his ancestral property.

He has immense ancestral wealth.

I did not get a share in ancestral property.

I want to sell my ancestral property.

Lack of facilities forced me to leave my ancestral home.

We have ancestral agricultural land in Rajasthan.

He lives with his family in a majestic ancestral house built by his father.

After her husband’s death, she returned to her ancestral home.

Earlier, Indian weddings happened at ancestral homes.

Calendula is a well known herb for skin care among our ancestral times.

Why daughters hesitate to claim their share in ancestral property in India?

Ancestral influence affects you even if you are not aware of them.

He has no access to the ancestral property?

How can the ancestral souls get peace?

He has contributed all his salary and ancestral property to social welfare.

He has started living in his ancestral home.

Their ancestral kingdom was the apple of discord.

He did not want to sell his ancestral house.

It is wrong to fall out for the ancestral property.

I have renounced my right to the ancestral property.

The ancestral property proved to be the bone of contention between the two brothers.

They are quarreling over the division of the ancestral property.

He has staked a claim to the ancestral property.

He did not want to sell his ancestral house.

Synonyms Of Ancestral – Another Words

Familial, Tribal, Affiliated, Born With, Congenital, Consanguine, Consanguineous, Genealogical, In The Family, Inborn, Inbred, Inherited

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