perform in a sentence

All the parts or organs of our body perform different functions. We have enough energy inside us to perform miracles, … Read More

air in a sentence

She has an air of importance. Plants breathe air with the help of small pores called the stomata on the … Read More

laid in a sentence

The hen has laid ten eggs. Swami Vivekananda laid down his life on the principle of Service to Mankind is … Read More

beyond in a sentence

It was rather beyond my expectations. His sincerity is beyond question. The most desirable possession, happiness of mind and heart, … Read More

acquire in a sentence

A regular reader of newspapers can acquire a lot of knowledge about public affairs. We all should acquire the clean … Read More

survive in a sentence

In the polluted water the fish and other water creatures cannot survive. In modern times, no business can survive without … Read More

rites in a sentence

The priest performs a number of rites at the time of marriage. The funeral rites were performed by a priest. … Read More

adopt in a sentence

I adopt good habits of my teachers and elders. The factories should adopt pollution control measures. I shall adopt writing … Read More

population in a sentence

The most important problem today is the problem of an increasing population. The forests are being destroyed at an accelerating … Read More

enviable in a sentence

The soothing moonlight, the cool breeze and the morning sunshine make life enviable. He has carved out an enviable position … Read More