hung in a sentence

I hung the picture on the wall. The map was hung on the wall. He hung the picture by a nail. The picture was hung on the wall. I hung my coat on that hook. He hung his head in shame. I hung my coat on that hook. She hung the clothes to dry. The …

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crying in a sentence

It is no use crying over spilt milk. Why are you crying? He is crying for his mother. We should not keep on crying over spilt milk, as this is futile. He is crying for justice in the case. I can’t see you crying. Your crying is hurting my heart. Why are you all crying? …

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in cold blood in a sentence

She was murdered in cold blood by her own husband. Hehi was shot dead in cold blood. He was killed in cold blood. He was murdered in cold blood. The robbers killed him in cold blood. My brothers were killed in cold blood. His son was killed in cold blood. He was shot dead in …

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soft in a sentence

He always speaks in a soft and low voice. Babies have soft skin. This cloth is very soft to the touch. He runs a soft hand over his head. He has a soft and polite disposition. His soft words pleased everyone. I want to lie down on this soft bed. He is having a soft …

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security in a sentence

The earliest men also travelled to find a place of maximum security. I enjoy security here. The security system at our house is connected to the nearby police station. The massive increase in population can jeopardise the safety and security of the country. The security forces have searched the aeroplane from stem to stern. Government …

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excellent in a sentence

The internet has become an excellent vehicle for companies doing business to advertise their products and services. Games are an excellent means of bodily exercise. An excellent memory is important for getting good marks. Expecting very high marks in the examination or excellent performance in whatever the child does is a universal trait amongst parents. …

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