chaos in a sentence

No city of modern times is free from traffic chaos.

There was a chaos in the political rally when the police used tear gas.

Too little liberty brings stagnation and too much brings chaos.

We are sure to create disorder and chaos for ourselves and for our country if we do not honour discipline.

A careless handling of young minds may bring destruction and chaos in the society.

Due to the chaos in the meeting, I left the hall.

Parking leads to congestion, chaos on heritage road.

The repair of this road has led to a severe traffic chaos.

Heavy rain brings chaos on roads.

Traffic chaos is the results of more vehicles plying on the road.

To ease traffic chaos, flyovers and underpasses are the need of the time.

Chaos becomes order of the day in this city.

There are several reasons behind traffic chaos on this road.

Absence of traffic lights leads to chaos on roads.

Long queues of patients lead to chaos at Hospitals.

It was an unnecessary chaos.

Without proper governance, there will be chaos.

That can lead to chaos.

If the objects of the universe cease working according to certain laws, there will be chaos and disorder all around.

They will not come to one point of agreement and the result will be confusion and chaos.

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