humble in a sentence

He is very humble and polite.

We should be humble.

She is very simple and humble.

He was moved by my humble request.

He is very gentle and humble.

He is humble and unassuming.

This humble fruit has powerful nutrients that have an impact on your body.

I am a humble follower of Lord Shri Ram.

True sincerity lies in staying humble even when you are strong and powerful.

Broccoli is a humble green vegetable that most people do not like to include in their diet.

She is as humble as one can be.

Bottle gourd is a humble yet healthy vegetable.

We should be humble to each other.

Teach your kids to be humble irrespective of the wealth.

Be humble.

I am the most humble among the students.

Rose water is humble and gentle on the skin.

Try to be as humble as possible during a crisis.

Ginger is one among the humble herbs found in every Indian kitchen.

Look for a simple, humble girl for life.

He will seldom be humble to you.

You should be loving, humble and graceful in your actions for all.

A man who is humble need fear no fall.

He had to eat humble pie for what he had uttered.

It is an humble attempt.

He is very humble in his behaviour.

His job is humble and hard.

He lived a simple and humble life.

He made a humble start.

I made a humble contribution to the hospital.

What a wonderful blessing!

We should help the humble and poor.

She is so humble that she can’t misbehave.

The religion is humble and simple to follow as it is .

I am a humble person.

He is humble towards everyone.

What a humble guy!

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