zest in a sentence


They seem to be without zest.

We have zest for enjoyment.

People celebrate the festivals with zeal and zest.

He loses zest for life and feels despirited.

Hope is the zest of life.

A teacher needs to be enthusiastic and full of zest while teaching his subject.

Some people have the habit of starting a work with too much of zest but leaving it midway without completing it.

Mother’s Day is celebrated with zest in schools.

We celebrated Mother’s day with zeal and zest in our school.

When we talk of zest, we talk of enthusiasm.

A beggar’s zest for life taught me to get rid of pessimism and cynicism.

His zest for life had bowled me over.

Your zest for life is very invigorating.

She is full of life and zest.

We should work with zeal and zest.

Hope is the zest of life.

People celebrate this with zeal and zest.

He has zest for enjoyment.

Work with zeal and zest.

He has a zest for social service.

We celebrated Baisakhi with full of zest and zeal.

The faint hope had brought new zest to his life.

We celebrated Independence Day with great zest and zeal.

All children participated with great zeal and zest in the creative competition.

Dasehra was celebrated with great fervor, zest and happiness in the city today.

Though he didn’t look very well health wise, his zest was all there.

The event was celebrated amid great zest and elation.

Pain and rounds of hospitals had become an integral part of his life, but he did not lose the zest for living.

I have a zest for life.

His zest for life and art continued till the very end.

People should celebrate even girl child’s birth with full fervor and zest.

He acts with considerable zest but lacks punch.

Various organisations observe this day with zest.

I ruined my digestive system, and with it, lost the zest for living.

He hast zest for life.

Enthusiasm and zest for life should never ebb.

You should not allow any thing to dilute your zest for life.

Her passionate speech was filled with zest and enthusiasm, inspiring the audience to take action.

After a relaxing vacation, he returned to work with renewed zest and energy.

The artist approached each stroke of the brush with zest, creating a vibrant and lively painting.

She attacked her new project with zest, determined to excel and make a positive impact.

The salsa recipe called for a dash of chili zest to add a spicy kick to the dish.

Despite the challenges, she faced them with zest, viewing them as opportunities to grow and learn.

The young athlete ran with zest, breaking her personal record in the race.

The tropical fruits in the smoothie provided a burst of zest and sweetness, making it a delightful treat.

He tackled the mountain hike with zest, relishing the adventure and breathtaking views along the way.

The zest of lime added a refreshing twist to the classic cocktail, making it a popular choice at the bar.

She approached the dance routine with zest, infusing each move with passion and style.

The team celebrated their victory with zest, cheering and high-fiving each other.

The novel’s main character faced challenges with a sense of zest and determination, making her a compelling protagonist.

The zestful rhythm of the music got the crowd dancing and swaying with joy.

She seasoned the dish with zestful spices, creating a flavorful and aromatic meal.

His zestful personality made him a beloved figure among his friends and colleagues.

The comedian’s zestful performance had the audience laughing uncontrollably throughout the show.

She infused her artwork with zestful colors and dynamic brush strokes, creating captivating pieces.

The children played with zest in the park, enjoying every moment of their outdoor adventures.

The zestful applause filled the concert hall as the talented musician took her final bow.

With zest in her voice, she delivered a motivational speech that left a lasting impact on the audience.

The zestful breeze swept through the open windows, filling the room with the scent of blooming flowers.

The scent of citrus zest lingered in the kitchen after she finished baking the lemon cake.

The team’s zestful camaraderie and teamwork led them to victory in the intense competition.

The actress performed with zest, captivating the audience with her emotional and powerful portrayal of the character.

Despite the rainy weather, the children played in the puddles with zest, finding joy in the simplest of moments.

He pursued his dreams with zest, never giving up despite the obstacles that came his way.

The fragrance of the freshly baked orange zest cookies filled the entire house, inviting everyone to taste the delicious treat.

The leader’s zestful charisma inspired her team to work together harmoniously and achieve remarkable results.

The vibrant and zestful festival celebrations brought the whole community together in a joyous atmosphere.

The young girl approached the science project with zest, conducting experiments with curiosity and enthusiasm.

The playwright’s zestful imagination was evident in the fantastical and captivating storyline of the play.

The aromatherapy candles emitted a relaxing scent of lemon zest, creating a soothing ambiance in the room.

The zestful choreography of the dance routine impressed the judges, earning the group a standing ovation.

The athlete’s zestful determination and dedication to training led her to break records and achieve greatness.

The chef’s signature dish featured a burst of zestful flavors, leaving diners delighted and satisfied.

The zestful rhythms of the drums and lively music ignited the dance floor, encouraging everyone to join in the celebration.

The motivational speaker encouraged the audience to live life with zest, embracing challenges and seeking new experiences.

As the sun dawned on the new year, people gathered with zest to welcome a fresh beginning and positive changes.

The zestful laughter of children playing in the park echoed through the neighborhood, spreading joy to all who heard it.

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