zenith in a sentence

zenith in a sentence

Once Japan was at the zenith of its technical advancement and innovation.

Dirty politics seems to be at its zenith.

This college will bound to reach the zenith of success.

He is one of those men who rise from the throes of adversity to reach the zenith of their careers.

Corruption is at its zenith in the state.

He is at the zenith of his career.

India was at the zenith of her glory in the Gupta period.

Hinduism reached its zenith during the Upanishadic period.

He has reached the zenith of his fame and glory with hard work.

Upanishads took Indian philosophy to its zenith.

You need to do a lot of hard work to reach the zenith of glory.

I have worked hard to reach the zenith of glory.

This college will bound to reach the zenith of success.

I want to reach the zenith of success.

The Mughal Empire was at the zenith of power in the reign of Akbar.

He has reached the zenith of his carrer.

The heat of the summer was at its zenith.

The sun was at the zenith.

He died at the tender age of 21 before reaching the zenith of his stardom.

He is at the zenith of success.

I am successful in the expedition and reach the zenith.

His fame was at its zenith at that time.

The sun reached its zenith in the sky, casting strong shadows as noon approached.

Her career reached its zenith when she was appointed as the company’s CEO.

The mountain climber finally stood at the zenith of the peak, taking in the breathtaking panoramic view.

The artist’s skill and creativity were at their zenith when he painted that masterpiece.

The singer’s popularity reached its zenith with a sold-out concert tour.

The economic prosperity of the region was at its zenith during the height of the industrial revolution.

The empire’s power and influence were at their zenith during the reign of its greatest ruler.

The scientist’s groundbreaking discovery marked the zenith of her research career.

The success of the software company peaked at its zenith, leading to international recognition.

The Renaissance era is often considered the zenith of cultural and artistic achievement in Europe.

The athlete’s performance during the championship game was at its zenith, showcasing their exceptional skills.

The stock market experienced a period of growth, with stock prices reaching their zenith.

The technology company’s stock value hit its zenith before gradually declining due to market shifts.

The medieval castle’s grandeur and importance were evident at its zenith in the 14th century.

The luxury resort’s popularity reached its zenith during the peak vacation season.

The astronaut’s perspective from space provided a unique view of Earth’s curvature at the zenith of the atmosphere.

The university’s reputation was at its zenith when it was ranked among the top institutions globally.

The orchestra’s performance reached its zenith during the climactic finale of the symphony.

The artist’s creativity knew no bounds when he was at the zenith of his artistic career.

The economic boom of the 1920s marked the zenith of prosperity before the Great Depression.

The philosopher’s ideas were embraced by many during the zenith of his influence.

The classical music era experienced its zenith with the works of famous composers like Mozart and Beethoven.

The technology sector experienced rapid growth, with innovation reaching its zenith.

The political leader’s speeches were captivating, particularly at the zenith of their political campaign.

The civilization’s advancements in science, art, and architecture were evident at its zenith.

The novel’s popularity reached its zenith, leading to it being adapted into a successful movie.

The fashion designer’s creations were at their zenith, setting trends and influencing the industry.

The artist’s paintings from the zenith of his career are highly sought after by collectors.

The film’s suspense and tension peaked at its zenith, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

The historical site’s significance was preserved and celebrated at its zenith, attracting tourists from around the world.

The energy of the festival reached its zenith during the vibrant parade that filled the streets with music and color.

The Renaissance period is often referred to as the zenith of humanism and cultural revival.

The athlete’s determination and training led to a remarkable performance at the zenith of her competitive career.

The company’s innovation and product quality were unmatched during its zenith in the market.

The philosopher’s influence on modern thought can be traced back to the zenith of his philosophical writings.

The artist’s ability to capture light and emotion reached its zenith in the masterpiece displayed at the gallery.

The historical documentary provided insight into the zenith of the ancient civilization’s architectural achievements.

The concert hall was filled to capacity as the symphony orchestra performed at its zenith of musical excellence.

The fashion designer’s runway show showcased his imaginative designs at their zenith of creativity.

The empire’s territorial expansion was at its zenith when it conquered new lands and established colonies.

The technological breakthrough marked the zenith of the scientist’s lifelong research and dedication.

The international conference drew leading experts at the zenith of their respective fields to discuss groundbreaking discoveries.

The film director’s unique storytelling reached its zenith with the release of a critically acclaimed movie.

The archaeological excavation revealed artifacts from the zenith of an ancient civilization’s cultural achievements.

The novelist’s command of language and storytelling was evident at the zenith of his literary career.

The skyscrapers in the city’s skyline were a testament to the architectural innovation of the era’s zenith.

The business mogul’s influence and wealth were at their zenith as he expanded his empire globally.

The technological advancements during the zenith of the space race led to unprecedented achievements in space exploration.

The author’s impact on literature was undeniable during the zenith of the Romantic period.

The flourishing art scene in the city was at its zenith, attracting artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world.

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