youth in a sentence

Youth is the golden season of life.

Youth is the time for forming good manners.

The youth of today expect results overnight.

Youth and beauty begin to decline after thirty-five.

Adolescence is the stage that lies between childhood and youth.

He used to play cricket in his youth.

Youth is the prime time of one’s life.

Youth is the golden period in man’s life.

Milton was a melancholy poet in his youth.

We desire our youth to love our country.

Youth is the golden age of life.

The youth of today do not have deference for their elders.

Youth is a nine days’ wonder and man should not boast of it.

What are your expectations from the modern youth ?

The famous essayist, has rightly said that home keeping youth has home keeping wits.

The youth should work for national integration.

Those who do not take exercise in youth have to repent in old age.

The energies of youth need to be harnessed and channelized towards constructive purposes.

He wears away his youth in trifles.

The social network sites on the internet have made it possible for the youth to have the widest circle of friends.

He tried to pacify the youth but to no avail.

The police have arrested a youth while possessing seven grams of heroin.

What was the writhe’s message to the youth?

What are characteristics of youth ?

The youth should come forward to fight this evil.

I hope the youth of the country will give serious consideration to my views.

They guide man in youth and amuse him in old age.

Only the youth of the country can save it.

Students and the youth must realize their responsibilities to themselves and the society.

Students and the youth crave for emotional satisfaction.

Alas that youth should pass away !

She is the warden of a youth hostel.

What are the characteristics of youth ?

Addiction to social networking sites among the youth is on the rise.

A youth was stabbed to death late last night.

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