how to use Write in a Sentence

Don’t forget to write to me.

He was made to write an essay.

I can read and write English.

Let her write a story.

Let me write a story.

I want to write a book.

I did not write a letter.

I write with a pen.

Please write down his address.

I am to write a letter immediately.

I need a pen to write with.

Can you write down the name of the dish for me?

You must write this in red ink,

Please write it down.

I like to read and write English.

I have often told you to write neatly.

You must practice the sentences orally before you write them down.

He is a great writer.

I know the name of the writer of this book.

She is a writer.

You’re an accurate writer.

Shakespeare was a very intelligent writer.

He is a very slow writer.

You’re a great writer.

Bertrand Russel is an eminent prose writer of the modern times.

A good writer must have imaginative ideas.

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