worth in a sentence

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

The beauty of the Taj Mahal is worth praising.

We should know the worth of a word and use it wisely.

If one does not do any noble deed, then such a life has no worth.

A visit to a hill station is worth enjoying during the summer vacation.

Most of us do not have any idea about our own worth and go on telling others what to do and what not to do.

His new book is not worth a straw.

Never lose your worth because if you lose it, you have lost all.

This book is not worth to buy.

You should not help him, he is not worth his salt.

This watch is well worth for four hundred rupees.

This is a movie worth seeing.

Is life worth living?

We should not assess the worth of a thing by its outward show.

It’s worth enjoying.

The worth of a thing depends upon its quality and not quantity.

It is worth reading.

She has proved her worth in all these roles.

It is not worth saving.

There are many beautiful and worth seeing buildings in India.

We cannot do without hobbies if we want to make our life worth living.

This ring is worth Rs 5,000.

This dining table is worth to buy.

The beauty of the Taj is worth to praise.

Life is not worth-living without a friend.

Is there anything worth watching.

Chandigarh is a worth seeing city.

He succeeds in convincing her of his real worth.

The Taj is worth seeing building.

It is worth-seeing.

This is the only one of his books that is worth reading.

It is not worth saving.

Is today’s play worth viewing ?

The sight of Kutub Minar is worth seing.

The site of the fair was worth seeing.

It should be worth one crore rupees.

Taj Mahal is a worth seeing building.

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