Knowledge-word meaning in punjabi

Noun : ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ, ਪਤਾ, ਸਮਝ, ਗਿਆਨ, ਵਿਗਿਆਨ, ਵਿੱਦਿਆ, ਸਾਰ, ਅਨੁਭੂਤੀ, ਬੋਧ, ਇਲਮ, ਬੂਝ, ਸੂਝ, ਵਿਦਵਤਾ, ਗਿਆਨ ਨੂੰ Example Sentences : I don’t have much knowledge of physics. He has a knowledge of biology. His lack of technical knowledge precluded him from promotion. He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture. He extended … Read more

Extremely-word meaning in punjabi

Adverb : ਬਹੁਤ, ਨਿਹਾਇਤ Example Sentences : This is an extremely well run company. Their equipment is extremely advanced. They’re extremely boring, don’t you think? Sleep is extremely important for us. No extremely fat man has ever attempted such a thing. The election results were extremely close. His boss is extremely money hungry. These supplies … Read more

Trust-word meaning in punjabi

Noun : ਵਿਸ਼ਵਾਸ, ਪਰਤੀਤ, ਨਿਆ, ਟਰਸਟ, ਜੁੰਮਾ, ਇਤਬਾਰ, ਨਿਸ਼ਚਾ, ਟ੍ਰਸਟ, ਸਾਖ, ਪ੍ਰਤੀਤ, ਟਰੱਸਟ, ਹਵਾਲਾ, ਯਕੀਨ, ਡੋਰ, ਪਰਤ, ਸ਼ਰਧਾ, ਆਸ, ਆਸਥਾ, ਭਰੋਸਾ, ਟਰੱਸਟ Verb : ਭਿੱਜ, ਭਿੱਜਣਾ Example Sentences : I trust him, he is a man of his word. All you can do is trust one another. It was silly of you to trust them. … Read more

Late-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਪਛੇਤੇ, ਪਛੇਤਰੇ, ਪਛੇਤਰਾ, ਪਛੇਤਰੀ, ਪਛੇਤਰੀਆਂ, ਪਛੇਤਾ, ਪਛੇਤੀ, ਪਛੇਤੀਆਂ, ਪਛੜਿਆ Adverb : ਕੁਵੇਲ਼ੇ, ਕਵੇਲ਼ੇ Example Sentences : She is often late for school on a rainy day. She is never late for school. I asked him not to play the piano late at night. Don’t be late for school tomorrow. Don’t be late for … Read more

Expected-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਭਾਵੀ, ਉਮੀਦ ਕੀਤੀ Example Sentences : He is expected to arrive any minute now. He expected her to pass the exam. He made it quite clear what he expected us to do. He expected at least a ten percent return on his investment. I hadn’t expected anyone to be home. He expected to … Read more

Absent-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਗਾਇਬ, ਲਾਪਤਾ, ਗੈਰਹਾਜ਼ਰ, ਗ਼ੈਰਹਾਜ਼ਰ Adverb : ਬਾਝੋਂ, ਬਾਝ Example Sentences : She has an absent look on her face. I am by no means absent from this class because I am lazy. He sometimes is absent from work without good cause. My father was absent from his office yesterday. He happened to have … Read more

Lend-word meaning in punjabi

Verb : ਉਧਾਰ Example Sentences : Will you lend me your pencil? Please lend me the video when you have seen it. He had the kindness to lend me his car when mine broke down. would you lend me a hand? She was kind enough to lend me large sum of money. Would you lend … Read more

Laid-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਰੱਖਿਆ Verb : ਜੜੀ, ਵਿਛ Verb Intransitive : ਵਿਛਣਾ Example Sentences : She laid the table an hour ago. He laid his work aside. Thousands laid down their lives so that our country may live and see this day. He laid down his life for his country. He has laid us under a … Read more

Forced-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਮਜਬੂਰ, ਬੱਧੀ, ਬੱਧੇ, ਬੱਧਾ, ਜਬਰੀ, ਬੱਧੀਆਂ, ਮਜਬੂਰ ਕੀਤਾ Example Sentences : I forced her to do my homework. I was forced to work on Sunday. I forced him to carry the suitcase. He was forced to resign. The enemies were forced to raise the siege. I forced him to open the gate. He … Read more