Won-word meaning in punjabi

Verb : ਜਿੱਤਿਆ, ਯੇਨ

Example Sentences :

Our team won the match by two runs.

I won a number of prizes for the school.

I won a prize last year.

They have won an applause from the bureaucracy.

He is a popular figure and won the elections hands down.

He won a big lottery.

He will be won over by me.

He won 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively in this exhibition.

Who won the race ?

Who will have won the tournament ?

We won our opponents.

If I won a lottery prize I would buy a car.

Who won the cup in the tennis championship?

It will please my parents to hear that I won a medal.

She won two gold medals in the Olympic Games.

Our team won the toss and took the field.

If I won a lottery prize, I would build a theatre.

They will have won the match before evening.

Had our team won the match?

Your team won a football match yesterday.

We were glad to learn that India had won the match.

If I won a lottery, I would buy a big house.

He won against all odds.

I wish we had won the game.

The campaign succeeded and she won the election.

He won a dramatic success.

He won us over with his honesty.

He easily won the election.

Fortunately we won the match.

You have won the second position in the state.

I won a math debate.

He is very glad about having won first prize.

He is the same famous actor who recently won an award.

He won the third prize.

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