Won-word meaning in hindi

Noun : वन, वोन

Adjective : जीता हुआ

Example Sentences :

I had won a breathing space.

I have won the match.

He has won several prizes, medals and trophies.

Our team had won the match by one goal.

I felt that I have somehow won for myself a breathing space.

He won the Nobel Prize for his collection of poems.

He has won a number of medals and prizes.

He won the battle by sheer luck.

I have secured 96% marks and won the first prize.

He will have won the prize.

He won the First Prize in a hundred metres race.

You played well and won the match.

Our school Kho-Kho Team won a shield last year.

He congratulated all those who won the prizes.

You have really won a rare distiriction in the university.

The captain of our school team won the toss.

They caught the public eye and won applause.

I have won a lottery today.

I won by a margin of votes.

He won people’s hearts by his courage, resoluteness and impartiality.

He had won bronze in at Atlanta in Lawn Tennis.

The team won the match comfortably.

My team has won the championship.

He told me that he had won the first prize.

Who will have won the tournament ?

Our college has won many sports medals.

I hear that he has won a prize.

He has won the election.

It is my students who won the match.

His starting was good and so he won the race .

He won the race as he was the swiftest.

It is hoped that the match will be won by us.

Our college won the toss and elected to bat.

I had won a lottery of one Lakh.

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