Wise antonym-opposite word of wise in English

Careless, Foolish, Heedless, Idiotic, Ignorant, Inattentive, Incautious, Indiscreet, Inexperienced, Insensitive, Irrational, Obtuse, Reckless, Senseless, Stupid, Thoughtless, Unaware, Uneducated, Uninformed, Unintelligent, Unknowledgeable, Unrealistic, Unreasonable, Unsophisticated

Example sentences of Wise :

We hire a taxi otherwise we’ll miss the train.

Classification of the books has been done not only subject-wise but author-wise also.

He should recover otherwise his family will starve.

Learn your lessons regularly otherwise you may forget them.

I went at once; otherwise I should have missed him.

He worked hard. Otherwise he would have failed.

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