how to use which in a sentence

In which box did you keep my purse ?

Which pen do you like ?

The dog which you like is very costly.

The moment which is lost, is lost for

He found the book which he had lost.

That which cannot be cured must be endured.

Which book is yours ?

Please tell us which one he wants.

This is the book which I like the most.

I have lost the book which you presented me.

This is the house which my uncle has bought.

Which people do you like ?

Which is the better of the two ?

The loss which he has suffered is negligible.

Which book had he bought?

They presented a play which will be liked by all.

Which one did he take?

Which one does he want?

Which one had they better study?

Which team won the toss ?

Which book do you want ?

Which team won the match

Which book will you read ?

I read books which are interesting.

I have lost the book which I bought yesterday.

A moment which is lost is lost forever.

The book which is lying on the table is mine.

I found my watch which I had lost.

Which books did you read ?

A catalyst is a substance which invigorates chemical reaction.

It is an open case of deceit against which I can move the court.

Which picture did you see yesterday ?

Which country do you belong to ?

Which house have you bought ?

This is the college which I used to study in.

Which game had you played in your college ?

Which film will be telecast tomorrow ?

I must seek out the man which has done this thing.

Which train do you catch ?

I have proofs which no man can doubt.

Which team won the previous match ?

Which game is he playing ?

Which is your bicycle?

Which is my towel ?

Swelling after dental surgery is a very common side effect, which normally subsides with time.

Figs are delicious little fruits which have some amazing benefits in store.

Name the chapter from which this passage has been taken.

I like doing a little job which is of this sort.

It was the incident which set me thinking.

The book which you gave me was lost.

The common man has every right to enjoy the basic amenities with which he or she can lead a comfortable life.

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