whatever in a sentence

Whatever comfort and luxuries we enjoy today are the direct result of the study and inventions of men of knowledge.

If you want to be a winner start whatever you want to do now.

Keep on pushing, keep on trying, life can be whatever you make it to be.

Let me do whatever I like.

I will be writing down whatever you say.

Whatever are you planning next?

Whatever you’re saying goes over my head.

Do whatever you want.

I want to forget whatever has happened in the past and start afresh.

You can do whatever you like to do with me.

Omniscient and Omnipotent God is always with you in whatever situation you may be.

Let her tackle it, whatever it may be.

Every creature has an equal right on whatever comes through God.

I’ll do whatever you command me to do.

Do whatever you want.

He believes whatever you tell him.

They’ll believe whatever you tell them.

You can eat whatever you like.

Do whatever you like.

Take whatever you need.

Will you give whatever I want ?

Let her do whatever she likes.

We should discard whatever is bad.

We were allowed to do whatever we liked.

She will write whatever comes to her mind.

She wants to tell whatever she feels.

Do whatever you like.

I have done whatever I could.

I shall go whatever happens.

Call it whatever you like.

Do whatever you think right.

I’ll buy it whatever it costs.

I do whatever I can.

He is in the habit of laughing whatever he is to say.

He ran with whatever might he had.

He lives on whatever he can earn.

I earn whatever I can.

The thieves stole whatever they find in the house.

whatever you think is right.

Do whatever you think right.

You can say whatever you please.

We’ll do whatever is necessary.

He will buy whatever goods you want to sell.

She will buy it, whatever the price.

Do whatever you like.

Put your pen to the page and write whatever is on your mind.

He believes in enjoying whatever he can get.

I promise you have whatever you want.

I have found him completely reliable and enthusiastic in performing whatever he is asked to do.

We consumed whatever we had in a day or two.

He will eat whatever he likes.

You can do whatever you like.

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