What is the Noun of Beautiful?

The Noun of Beautiful is Beauty.

Example Sentences of Beauty

Her beauty is indescribable.

He wants to enjoy the beauty of the jungle.

She runs a beauty shop.

Some say the beauty is more important than virtue.

My mother has gone to the beauty shop.

I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face.

The beauty of the Taj captivated our minds.

The rainy season has a beauty of its own.

The spiritualists seek God in the beauty of nature.

She tries her luck in beauty contests and aspires to be Miss India or Miss Universe.

The beauty of the marble is worth seeing.

Its beauty cannot be described in words.

But it spreads its fragrance and beauty in the world.

God and nature have spread beauty in the world through their creations.

She likes the beauty of nature.

Flowers add beauty to the garden as well as to the house.

Its matchless beauty draws visitors from all parts of the world.

A thing of beauty delights the senses.

In this exhibition, plants and flowers of rich beauty were displayed.

I enjoy the morning beauty of nature.

Birds and butterflies add to the colourful beauty of this season.

Outwards beauty is useless if it does not possess inward beauty.

Words cannot describe the beauty of the vale of Kashmir.

They go out for walks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The rainy season has a beauty of its own.

He wanted to plant beauty and see it grow.

You don’t have to head to the parlor anymore to get that beauty treatment.

Apple cider vinegar is loaded with health and beauty benefits.

Ever since the beauty blender was launched, it rose to fame in the makeup world.

It helps us to see the beauty of each other and spread a little bit of love and happiness.

Know more about the beauty treatment.

This is why rose water should be a part of your daily beauty regime.

The beauty of the Taj is worth to praise.