What is the Adjective of Honesty?

The Adjective of Honesty is Honest.

Example Sentences of Honest

He was an honest man.

She is apparently an honest woman.

It seems that he is an honest man.

Such an honest man as he cannot have told a lie.

Could you share your honest opinion on this issue?

We think that Tom is an honest person.

I am an honest person.

He seems to be an honest man.

He is honest all the time.

He cannot be an honest man to do such a thing.

He was honest in business.

I could not believe that you are not an honest person.

Our ancestors were honest and hard working.

He is literate, honest and diligent.

I shall try my best to be honest to my profession.

Why do you suspect a honest man ?

Why do you suspect an honest man ?

An honest man is the noblest work of God.

No efforts are spared to make them honest and good citizens.

As far as I know, he is an honest man.

I do not know as to whether he is honest or not.

I presume he is an honest man.

He is sincere and honest in his thoughts and actions.

So far as I knew, he is an honest man.

He is so honest that he can not steal.

He was honest in his dealings.

He is frank and honest in his dealings.

You are not honest in your dealings.

Let us be honest during that time.

He is quite honest in his work.

In some professions being honest is the best way to maximize profits in the long run.

You are not an honest man, still I will help you.

An honest man may have to wait for sometimes but his rewards are never denied to him.

I know him to be an honest lad.

The most important thing is that man should earn money through honest means only.

One must be truthful, honest and brave.

He is an honest boy.

That he is honest is certain.

He is an honest man, do not call in question his honesty.

Why do you suspect a honest man ?

She’s honest with us.