What is the Adjective of Happiness?

The Adjective of Happiness is Happy.

Example Sentences of Happy

She looked happy in her new dress.

She felt happy to see him.

I am not happy with my job.

He was happy to realize his dream.

She is happy in that she has many friends.

I’d be happy to help you.

I’d be most happy to assist you.

She can’t be happy with us

All of us were happy at the table.

I’m really happy I ran into you.

How happy you must be to have a new baby girl!

She was happy that she passed the exam.

I am happy to hear the news.

He was happy being a Jew.

She replied that she would be happy to come.

Shall I ever see those happy days again ?

He wished me a happy Christmas.

Who can forget those happy days ?

What a happy and gay life !

I’m very happy to meet you.

The world is a happy place.

We wish you happy new year.

He becomes happy by helping others.

Many happy returns of the day !

I would be happy to do so.

Please accept my best wishes on this happy occasion.

I came back home happy and gay.

Thinkers have attempted to define a happy life in various terms.

Their marriage has not been a very happy one.

Understanding the partners is very essential for a happy married life.

Why do you look so happy today ?

Even in happy moments of life he is afraid that these things would come to an end.

My son became happy on my return.

I am very happy to-day.

We were not happy then.

I am happy I can accept their invitation.

Every heart is happy at such a time.

How happy we are here !

I was happy to find this.

We cannot be quite happy in this life.

We came back home happy and gay.

I’m just not happy with it.

I don’t like to say this, but I’m not happy with the service here.

She had a happy life.

My daughter and my son-in-law have a happy marriage.

She wasn’t happy here.

Are you happy with my performance ?

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