wet in a sentence

It is a joy to get wet on a rainy day in summer.

When we hang the wet clothes in the sun, they get dried after sometime.

Never touch any electrical appliance or switches with wet hands.

The clothes were wet with dew.

He wrung the wet clothes.

Wet your hair.

Very often, we are tempted to get wet in the rains.

Why You Should Not Tie wet Hair?

What happens when you sleep with wet hair.

We should dispose wet waste and dry waste separately.

Many men feel wet shaving more comfortable than the modern shaving techniques.

Styling wet hair is a messy affair.

Wet hair is a lot weaker than dry hair.

Is it bad to brush wet hair?

Going to bed with wet hair can lead to hair fall.

When your clothes get wet they stick to you and it might look very vulgar.

Do not get wet.

Wet clothes can lead to cold or cough in babies.

Wet hair is sensitive and more prone to breakage.

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