weeping in a sentence

The child was weeping bitterly.

We found her weeping.

I could not help weeping bitterly when I saw my father lying in the emergency ward.

I saw a child weeping over the dead body of his mother.

They were weeping bitterly.

Having been betrayed, he started weeping.

You are weeping.

She could not help weeping.

He came weeping to me.

He has been weeping for two hours.

He was weeping bitterly.

I found her weeping.

He could not help weeping.

Why are you weeping?

She had been weeping all the time.

The child is weeping bitterly ?

He was choked with weeping.

I saw him weeping.

He is weeping without no reason.

Why are you weeping like this?

I soothed the weeping child.

She is sweeping the room.

The child was weeping bitterly.

The child was weeping.

He has been weeping for half an hour.

Why are you weeping now?

Can you tell me why the child is weeping?

He came here weeping.

Nobody likes a weeping man.

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