Wealth-word meaning in hindi

Noun : दौलत, द्रव्य, धन, धन-दौलत, धन-सम्पत्ति, बहुतायत, बहुलता, बाहुल्य, माल, लक्ष्मी, श्री, संपत्ति, संपन्नता, सम्पत्ति

Example Sentences :

Don’t obtain wealth at the expense of your conscience.

They argue that the distribution of wealth should be equitable.

He used all his wealth for the benefit of the poor.

For all his wealth he is unhappy.

He worships wealth more than he worships God.

All desire wealth and some acquire it.

He bequeathed his entire wealth to his next of kin.

He is envious of the wealth of his brother.

Despite his wealth he is not loved.

His wealth helps him a lot.

Chances of gaining wealth are in store for you today.

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped to seek abundance of wealth and prosperity.

This means that you will be blessed with wealth and fame.