washed in a sentence

She washed neither her hands nor her feet.”

She has washed all her clothes.

This room needs to be white washed.

The clothes were washed.

Has he washed clothes?

I got my house white-washed.

She has washed my clothes.

She will not have washed her clothes by now.

This stain on her character cannot be washed.

She has washed my clothes.

We’ve washed the dishes.

I washed and changed before going out.

The drains are seldom cleaned and washed.

The windows need to be washed.

I’ve washed the car.

She washed her face before she went to bed.

I have washed your shirt.

Many villages have been washed away.

She has washed my clothes.

The crockery is not washed properly.

The curtains on the doors and windows must be washed regularly.

She has washed all her clothes.

He has no relations with me.

Why have you not washed my school dress?

I got my house white washed.

The dress stretched when I washed it.

When I washed the dress the colours ran.

The rain washed the dust away.

His trousers are not washed.

My coat needs to be washed.

Let your hands be washed.

My clothes have not yet been washed by the washerman.

She has washed her clothes.

This coat is so dirty that it cannot be washed.

She washed the clothes.

The fruits should be washed .

In hot and humid weather, the hair should be washed more often, in order to remove sweat and oil deposits, along with dirt.

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