war in a sentence

The US and Iraq are at war.

If you are climbing an icy mountain or fighting a war, a mistake may kill you.

England and America were allies in the Second World War.

Immediately after the war of Kalinga Ashoka embraced Buddhism.

The war is over and everything is at peace.

Breaking out of war is imminent.

The Second World War broke out in 1939.

India lost the war with China in 1962.

War and suffering go hand in hand.

When war rages, the people always suffer.

What is the role of science in war ?

What can be done to stop war ?

Modern war is more dreadful and destructive than that of ancient times.

Thewar of Kalinga was the turning point in the life of Ashoka.

A large number of innocent persons are put to the sword during a war.

The result of a war is only destruction.

This war has been forced upon us.

As soon as he joined the army, the war started.

The third world war would mean a total extinction of humanity.

Modern war will be atomic war.

Those who lived through the war will never forget it.

The duration of the war is uncertain.

During the war many buildings were razed to the ground.

The tragedy of war must not be forgotten.

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