wants in a sentence

She wants to read a novel.

When man started his life on his planet, he had a simple life with a few wants.

He has few wants.

Everyone wants to be peaceful.

Human wants are unlimited, and we are never satisfied.

Everybody wants success in life.

Each parent wants his child to somehow top his or her class without realizing the capability of the child.

Everyone wants to be happy in this world.

One should think positively if one wants to succeed.

Greed always wants more.

A man who wants to dash ahead towards a great life has to learn the art of winning over circumstances.

I am proud of him and wants to follow his footsteps in all fields.

He wants to give his best to his students.

He wants to see how strong you are !

She wants to take up medical group.

She wants someone to look after her children.

He wants someone to take photographs.

Your hair wants cutting.

Someone wants to speak to you on the phone.

Everyone in this world wants to save his skin.

Can’t you tell me what she wants ?

He wants to pass the examination.

He wants to win the first prize.

Our’s wants are unlimited.

He wants that he should be treated as a minister.

He wants to be treated as a minister.

He wants to pass his examination.

He wants to win the race.

Everybody wants to be rich.

He wants the fact to be forgotten.

She wants a book.

He wants to write a book.

In this world everybody wants to grind his own axe.

He wants it more than me.

He wants it more than me.

She wants you to praise her.

He wants to see you urgently.

Everybody wants to achieve success, name and fame.

He wants to be safe.

He wants it to be hot.

He wants to drink cold water.

He wants to keep it.

He wants to say something to you.

He wants to get a part-time job.

He wants everyone to get out of here.

He wants to improve his english skills.

The curtain wants cleaning.

He wants to be in time for the office.

Everybody wants to grow rich overnight.

He wants to fight against social evils.

Everybody wants to be happy.

He wants to be fit .

Everyone wants to be happy.

He wants to top the list.

Somebody wants you outside.

She wants to explain her point of view.

She wants to make a living.

He wants to explore new worlds and new things.

His boss wants complete satisfaction.

She wants medical advice.

He wants to earn his livelihood.

If my friend wants it, I shall give it to him.

He wants to be a professional musician.

He wants to catch the train.

He wants to go with them.

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive.

He wants to improve his English skills.

He wants to keep it.

She wants to be a doctor.

She wants to win a swimming competition.

He wants to be safe.

He wants to drink it.

He is friendly to us and wants our help.

She wants him to be just a friend.

She wants to go out with him.

Nobody wants him to come.

I think that he wants to succeed.

He wants to earn it himself.

He wants to donate money.

He wants to go home.

He always wants to sit in the front row.

He wants to buy a new motorcycle.

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