wanted in a sentence

  1. I wrote what I wanted to come true.
  2. He wanted to see mother India to be a famous and prosperous country.
  3. We wanted to keep our adventure a secret.
  4. There is something I wanted to tell you.
  5. I wanted to talk for some time with him.
  6. What is it you wanted to tell me?
  7. I wanted to do it myself.
  8. He had trudged without pause for three hours but now wanted to rest a while.
  9. If I knew what you wanted I would help you.
  10. He had a very determined focus on what she wanted to achieve.
  11. I am tired of my luxurious life at the palace and wanted some fun.
  12. This was exactly what you had wanted.
  13. I wanted to study but your loud TV volume disturbed me.
  14. I wanted to buy it, but could not, for want of money.
  15. I wanted to go on a pilgrimage.
  16. I wanted to teach him a lesson.
  17. Why didn’t you tell me what you wanted to?
  18. The business firm wanted to appoint a counsellor.
  19. We wanted to see it again.
  20. As he wanted to buy a car, he went to Delhi.
  21. I wanted to go on a pilgrimage.
  22. If I knew what you wanted I would help you.
  23. My parents wanted a son for their firstborn.
  24. I wanted to eat chicken yesterday.
  25. He could not make much of what he wanted to say.
  26. He wanted a job in a big company.
  27. You are wanted outside.
  28. He wanted to get higher education.
  29. Here is the book, I wanted.
  30. He wanted an explicit statement from me.
  31. He wanted his father’s riches.
  32. I wanted to stay there for the night.
  33. What is wanted by you ?
  34. I wanted to buy some fruit.
  35. He wanted us to show the performance.
  36. He asked me what I wanted.
  37. I wanted to relax.
  38. He wanted to know the facts of the case.
  39. He wanted some more light on this fact.
  40. This is the very book I wanted.
  41. Which book is wanted by you ?
  42. He advised me to work hard if I wanted to pass.
  43. She wanted to get first division.
  44. He wanted to catch the thief.
  45. I wanted to astonish him.
  46. I wanted an assurance from my boss for security of job.
  47. You are wanted on the phone.
  48. He wanted to avenge the death of his father.
  49. He wanted to know if I would go to college.
  50. He wanted to sell his house.
  51. That is neither what I said nor what I wanted to say.
  52. He wanted his house to be sold.
  53. He wanted to do things.
  54. He asked me where I wanted to go.
  55. I wanted to spend more time with my family.
  56. Who is wanted by you.
  57. I was very glad to get what I wanted.
  58. This is just what I wanted.
  59. I wanted to marry her.
  60. I wanted to be a star.
  61. I wanted to take part in the party but I couldn’t.
  62. I wanted to become a philosopher.
  63. I wanted to show them my appreciation.
  64. I wanted you to help me with my homework.
  65. I wanted to go back to your village.
  66. I wanted to go to the concert.
  67. I wanted to stay there two days longer.
  68. I wanted to get a lot of money.
  69. I wanted a hamburger.
  70. I wanted to have had everything my own way.
  71. I wanted something to eat.
  72. He wanted to know more about the flowers.
  73. He wanted to say more.
  74. I could read between the lines that he wanted me to resign.
  75. I telephoned to say that I wanted to see him.
  76. He wanted to get his shirts washed.
  77. He wanted to come with us.
  78. He wanted to make singing a career.
  79. He wanted to succeed.
  80. She wanted to get married immediately.
  81. She wanted desperately to get her fiance.
  82. She wanted to go.
  83. As she wanted to ask a question
  84. She wanted to help them.
  85. He wanted to know more about the trees.
  86. This is the very camera I’ve wanted for a long time.
  87. This is the very dictionary that I have wanted so long.
  88. This is the very place that I have long wanted to visit.
  89. He wanted to know if this is true.
  90. I always wanted to see you.
  91. You are wanted on the telephone.
  92. What is wanted by you ?
  93. He wanted to travel and earn a name for himself.
  94. He wanted to grow a beautiful garden here.
  95. He wanted to surprise them.
  96. He wanted to abandon her because she has a minor disability.
  97. You should have told me that you wanted me to come alone.
  98. That is what I have wanted to buy.
  99. I wanted to buy the book
  100. He wanted to teach English at school.
  101. He wanted to succeed.
  102. I wanted him to go there.
  103. For a long time I wanted to meet him.
  104. I wanted to take a shower.
  105. He wanted to sit down for a few seconds.
  106. I wanted to show it to you.
  107. He wanted an ice cream cone.
  108. He wanted to see a bullfight.
  109. That is exactly what I wanted to buy.
  110. What is wanted by you ?
  111. He wanted to become one of the richest men of his time.
  112. I wanted to escape but there was no way out.
  113. He asked me where I wanted to go.
  114. He wanted to go but he wasn’t able to.
  115. I wanted to cure him of this bad habit.
  116. I wanted to buy it.
  117. This is the book that I wanted to buy.
  118. He wanted to sell his cow.
  119. The policeman wanted to see my identity card.
  120. She wanted to know why they came so late.
  121. He wanted to do it.
  122. Which book is wanted by you ?
  123. That is all that I wanted to know.
  124. They all wanted money.
  125. They wanted to involve me in their talk.
  126. He wanted to hurt everybody’s feelings.
  127. I wanted to stay with him for sometime.
  128. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shimla.
  129. I never wanted to insult you.
  130. I wanted to get him back .
  131. Mary wanted to marry a man with ambition.
  132. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say.
  133. They really wanted to know what happened.
  134. I wanted to tell you.
  135. She wanted to travel.
  136. He wanted to come with us.
  137. He wanted to buy a car.
  138. He wanted to turn back.
  139. She wanted to do that.
  140. They wanted to find out the answer.
  141. He wanted to get there on time.
  142. I wanted to finish the report.
  143. I wanted to get more information.
  144. I wanted to get there on time.
  145. I wanted her to come here this evening.
  146. She wanted to have her hair cut.
  147. He wanted to do it.
  148. I wanted red shoes.
  149. He wanted to buy the book.
  150. I had wanted to catch the first train.
  151. She wanted to become doctor.
  152. He wanted to turn back, but he could not.
  153. They all wanted money.
  154. He wanted his house to be sold.
  155. He wanted to become a good lawyer.
  156. You are wanted outside.
  157. He wanted to do his work
  158. They wanted to select a manager for this factory.
  159. He wanted to bring home some proof of what he had seen.
  160. They wanted to get there on time.
  161. You are wanted on the phone
  162. I wanted to talk more
  163. She wanted to be a teacher.
  164. I wanted my hair cut short.
  165. I wanted to hit him
  166. No one wanted to talk about it.
  167. I wanted to talk to them face to face.
  168. I’ve always wanted to play the trombone.
  169. Nobody wanted to talk about the incident.
  170. He wanted to become a lawyer.
  171. He wanted me to stay a little bit longer.
  172. He had no idea what she wanted him to do.
  173. I wanted to buy the book.
  174. It’s not what I wanted to say.
  175. I have always wanted to become a teacher.

Synonyms of Wanted

Asked For

  • He merely asked for a dollar.
  • He asked for a holiday.
  • Who asked for water ?
  • The drowning man asked for help again and again.
  • Had you asked for me?
  • I asked for oranges but he did not have.
  • She hasn’t asked for leave.
  • I asked for her approval.
  • He helped me a lot and asked for nothing in return.
  • He never asked for any money from his family.


  • It is necessary to obtain the sanction of the authorities to enter this building.
  • It’s not necessary to put him in the hospital.
  • It is necessary for you to help her.
  • I found it necessary to get assistance.
  • I found it necessary to get a loan.
  • The necessary changes having been made.
  • Sleep is no less necessary to health than food.
  • It is necessary for you to follow your mother’s advice.
  • Moderate exercise is necessary to health.
  • Are white lies really necessary in our social life?
  • It’s necessary to take correct measurements when you are tailoring a suit.


  • These things will not be needed any more.
  • On such occasions he needed it.
  • She needed twenty-four hour care.
  • By meditating you can bring in the needed peace.


  • Many times, we have requested the official concerned to clear files, but to no avail.
  • He requested me to keep it secret.
  • You are requested to give me your blessings.
  • The authorities are requested to set the things right.
  • The authorities are requested to pay a serious thought to this problem.
  • You are requested not to ask questions.
  • He requested her to lend him her pen.
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