vulgarity in a sentence

Vulgarity should as far as possible be avoided.

Strong steps must be initiated to put an end to the menace of vulgarity.

You have crossed all limits of vulgarity.

Like beauty, vulgarity lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Parents felt uneasy while viewing T.V. serials & films in the presence of their children because of the vulgarity on the T.V. screen.

Vulgarity lies more in mind than in action.

Vulgarity should be checked fiercely.

I want to check vulgarity in our organisation.

Like beauty, vulgarity lies in the eyes of the beholder.

We are all aware of the increasing vulgarity shown in the advertisements these days.

He has risen above vulgarity.

There is so much vulgarity around us.

Vulgarity that is creeping in music is a serious issue.

Why vulgarity is on a rise in films?

Vulgarity is a very subjective term.

Look at the arrogance and vulgarity of this man?

Vulgarity in any form should be avoided.

Synonyms of Vulgarity

obscenity, profanity, rudeness, indelicacy, lewdness, coarseness , vulgarism, vileness, crudity, barbarity

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