voice in a sentence

Raja Rammohan Roy was the first person to raise his voice against the sati system.

His voice seems familiar but I cannot make out who he is.

She has a good singing voice.

He always shouts at the top of his voice when he is in anger.

He shouted at the top of his voice.

He spoke to me in a polite voice.

She sings a song in a sweet voice.

He scolded the child in a thundering voice.

He shouted in a loud voice.

There is a note of satisfaction in his voice.

He speaks in a deep voice.

He shouted in a gruff voice and the children ran away.

He is speaking in a feeble voice.

He talks in a low voice.

Keep your voice low.

Our voice echoes in the hills.

His voice is too rough to attract hearers.

Her voice is very sweet.

How sweet her voice is !

Why are you shouting at the top of your voice ?

His voice is hoarse.

We shall no more hear his voice .

please keep your voice down.

His voice is hoarse as if he had been shouting for a long time.

His voice was husky and unsteady.

Her voice was a bit husky.

The Press gives voice to the poor people.

His voice still sounded a little hoarse.

Her voice was tremulous but firm.

His voice was low, as if he was afraid to hear himself.

Don’t raise your voice at me.

Alas ! his voice will be heard no more.

Her voice is sweeter than that of her mother.

You will hear his voice no more.

He spoke in such a loud voice that everyone could hear him well.

He spoke in such a low voice that few could hear him.

His voice is Harsh.

Her voice is very faint.

I have no voice in the matter.

The voice of people is the voice of God.

I like her voice very much.

Why are you shouting at the top of your voice ?

Radio can broadcast voice only.