virtuous in a sentence

Only virtuous people are remembered after death.

She has led a virtuous life.

Discipline instills in man the virtuous principles of life which lead to real happiness.

He has left behind a virtuous life and no controversies.

Dasehra symbolizes the supreme invincibility of the right and the virtuous.

A virtuous woman is a godly woman.

She is a virtuous woman.

You should choose a lifestyle of virtuous living.

We should try to live a virtuous life.

Being virtuous, he is respected everywhere.

A virtuous person is respected everywhere.

What does virtuous mean?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a virtuous woman.

Drive out the ego to live a virtuous life.

A virtuous man is ever happy, peaceful and prosperous.

An obedient and virtuous son provides mental peace and self respect to a father.

He lived a virtuous life.

The virtuous are respected.

He was virtuous and was therefore universally respected.

He fails to be virtuous and noble.

She leads a virtuous life.

She is a virtuous woman.

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