views in a sentence

The newspaper brings to us the views of great thinkers and philosophers.

He impresses everybody with the clarity of his views.

Newspaper brings us news, views and comments on all important events.

I do not comply with your narrow minded views.

Be tolerant of the views of others.

Do not put your views on me.

He has set forth his views in a clear and forceful language.

On the whole, your views are not practicable.

Your views have no correspondence with your actions.

He wanted to air his views.

I could not bring him round to my views.

Let us exchange views with each other.

We like to air our views on all matters.

She is not friendly to my views.

I do not want to impress you with my views.

They hold divergent views.

The newspapers bring us news, views and reviews.

He set forth his views before the audience.

I am waiting to hear your views.

I have no sympathy with her foolish views.

Neither of the two views is good.

Your views on this subject is very old.

Would you express your views on this topic ?

He travelled far and wide to propagate his views.

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