Victory-word meaning in hindi

Noun : अभिभावकता, जय, जीत, विजय, फ़तह,

Example Sentences :

His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.

He knows the real value of victory.

The ritual of Holika Dahan symbolises the victory of good over evil.

Although there will be one winner, all political parties are sure of victory .

The victory of the team has proved the old proverb United we stand.

The Party won a sweeping victory at the general election.

His victory made him a hero.

The game ended in a victory for our school.

They assumed the victory as their own.

The prospects for our victory are excellent.

Winning the election was a great victory for the candidate’s political party.

The people expected a victory speech.

Our prospects for victory are excellent at the moment.

He won a narrow victory in the race.

Our victory is secure.

The match ended in victory for him.

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