Verb Second Form of Write and Third Form of Write (Past Participle)

Base Form (Infinitive) : Write
Past Simple : Wrote
Past Participle : Written
3rd Person Singular : Writes
Present Participle/Gerund : Writing


  1. A paper is to write on.When did he write to you?
  2. I write five or six letters a week.
  3. You should write an apology.
  4. He used to write once a month.
  5. Why did you write it?
  6. Write a letter to me.
  7. You write accurately.
  8. Please, write in ink.
  9. Give me something to write with.
  10. I can neither read nor write Spanish.
  11. I shall write to your father..
  12. Please write down my address.
  13. Are you going to write to everyone?
  14. I need a few days to write my reply.

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