useful in a sentence

Newspapers are highly useful to the people.

It is a very useful book.

Exercise is useful for health.

Morning walk is very useful for health.

The ox is a useful animal.

His advice proved useful to me.

Read good and useful books.

Physical health is useful in every walk of life.

Travelling is a very useful part of education.

The Internet has some very useful applications in our day-to-day present activities.

A policeman is a very useful member of society.

Appreciating and encouraging the child in its good activities and offering rewards may prove useful in this regard.

Bark of some trees proves useful in tannery.

Cumin is useful for digestion and energy production.

How are animals useful for us?

Cow is a very useful pet animal.

One is treated nicely as long as one is useful.

Games are very useful for the body.

Fresh juice enables us to easily assimilate useful nutrients in the body.

The horse is a very useful animal.

Do you think Smartphones are useful for learning?

This is a useful book.

Onion is useful for health.

The button is a very useful thing.

Cow is a useful animal.

Edison made innumerable and useful discoveries.

Iron is a very useful metal.

Milk is useful for restoring energy.

Coal is a useful mineral.

An unbrella is a useful thing.

The mobile phone is very useful for a man with field job.

This book is more useful than that book.

Neither of these two books is useful.

He is thought to have information which will be useful to the police.

Screw drivers are useful tools.

Copper is a useful metal.

To walk in the morning is useful for health.

This is a useful work.

We must utilise our time in useful work.

This book is both useful and cheap.

It is not useful.

It is a useful book.

This book does not contain much useful information.

This game is useful for children.

The spanner is a useful tool.

The United Nations is a useful institution.

It is a very useful gift.

The library is really very useful to all of us.

I know it will be very useful for a long time to come.

How is the high potassium content of lemon useful?

Milk is useful for health.

I find this hobby very useful.

Light exercise in the open air will be very useful for you.