used in a Sentence

T.V. is used for entertainment, news and educational programmes.

What is the use of this perishable body if it is not used for the benefit of mankind?

Trees are used for wooden work as furniture and log-cabins.

A noun is used to identify a person or thing.

There are a great number of people in the world who used Internet.

Money can be used for both constructive and destructive ends.

Milk of buffaloes and cows is used in our daily life.

Seal oil is used by people in snowy regions.

Snake poison is used as a medicine.

Television can be used for propaganda against social evils.

CNG is used as a fuel in automobiles.

Protein is used for the building, maintenance and repair of body tissues.

Fatty acids that are not used up as energy are converted into triglycerides.

I used to go for a bath in the Ganges early every morning.

The bark of some trees is used for tanning leather or colouring purposes.

The Babul twigs and bark of the tree are used in India and Pakistan as tooth brushes.

Lavender oil is also used to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Lemon is extremely used to relieve coughing.

It is a term that is commonly used during conversation.

He used to scold his students.

The taxi driver had not used his horn.

Who used them up?

He used the correct expression.

I really wonder what they used to study.

She used to be hostile toward the man.

He used to study his lessons.

He used to study.

They’ve been used up.

He used to read a lot of books.

Her conduct is different from what it used to be.

I used to drink a lot of milk every day.

Wheatflour is used for making bread.

I used to jog every morning when I was younger.

When he was young he used to play with me.

Tarcoal is used in making roads.

You will soon get used to it.

Gandhiji used to say that India lived in villages.

I am not used to such treatment.

I used to go out for a walk every morning.

My father used to take me to school.

Formerly he used to stay with us for weeks.

Last year I used to play cricket.

She is not used to mince matters but calls a spade a spade.

In the past people used to make fire from stones.

He used to go to the U.K. every year.

This camp has not been used for some days.

The words used in the book are so difficult that I can’t understand them.

We used to play cricket.

She used to go to temple.

He used to smoke.

The aeroplanes are used to drop food and medicine to people in flooded areas.

Most of the ills in the world are caused by inherent greediness of the selfish people.

It is generally used as a complex sentence.

He used to play when he was a child.

He used to speak enthusiastically.

He used to be enthusiastic.

Who used them up?

They were used up.

Flour is used to make bread.

In some streets the drains are used as open latrines for small children.

He used to think about God for hours together.

They used to see the benefit of it.

She used to be hostile toward the man.

She used to be hostile, didn’t she?

They used to get there by bus.

This camp hasn’t been used for some days.

When did you use to write?

I can tell you what they used to study.

They are said to be used predicatively.

We are used to hardships.

Electricity is used for many different purposes.

Computers are being used in business, industry and offices.

Each other is used while speaking of two persons while one another is used for more than two persons.

Either and Neither are used while speaking about two persons or things.

Who is used for persons as, Who broke the windowpane?

Weight loss has become one of the most commonly used terms.

He used to go out for a walk every morning.

They used to be poor, but now they are well-to-do.

She used her influence to get him a job.

She’s not used to getting up early.

They got used to living in the village.

She used to like him, but now she hates him.

They used my room as an office.

Oil is used in machinery for lubrication.

Why should the oil of proper thickness be used in machines for lubrication?

They used them for the purpose of swimming under water.

It is used in a good sense.

It is used to express an outburst.

Petrol is used to run motor vehicles.

I used to go to a English school.

Throughout the history the man has used energy from sun.

All the modern scientific techniques are used in cinema.