untimely in a sentence

Fall of snow in so early a summer is untimely.

It was really shocked to hear the news of the untimely death of your father.

The standing paddy crop at several places has flattened due to untimely rainfall.

Untimely rains have played havoc with wheat and other vegetable crops.

Untimely rain has caused severe damage to the standing crops.

Untimely rain leaves farmers in the lurch.

His untimely demise is an irreparable loss for his family.

He is responsible for his untimely death.

Farmers hit due to the untimely rains.

We are facing problems due to prolonged and untimely power cuts.

The untimely rains have dashed the hopes of farmers.

The untimely rains have added to the worry of farmers.

Untimely meals and lack of exercise cause many diseases.

Are you suffering from untimely craving for food?

Untimely meals may affect your blood sugar levels.

There are many people who suffer from untimely wrinkles.

Why are you getting bald untimely?

Untimely wrinkles look irritating.

Avoid junk and untimely eating.

He died an untimely death a year later.

My mother died an untimely death two months ago.

The untimely cyclone squandered the crop away.

He is very sad to know about the untimely demise of his uncle.

He died an untimely death.

An untimely rain or even hail storm destroys the crops.

I was greatly shocked to know about the sudden and untimely demise of your mother.

Everybody was shocked at his untimely death.

He died an untimely death.

My mother died an untimely death two months ago.

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