unique in a sentence

Indian National Flag is our unique identity of being a citizen of an Independent Nation.

This is a unique book for MCA Entrance Examination.

It was a unique experience for them.

Hope has a unique power to bring on confidence, creativity and the potential to succeed in a person.

Water possesses the unique attribute of perpetuity.

You must not miss this unique opportunity.

Delicious pineapple is surprisingly good for you with a potent and unique nutritional profile and many benefits.

Each of us is unique and all are equal in God’s eyes.

He is a unique entity.

She has a unique voice.

What unique qualities you are referring to?

He is a unique actor.

He is a unique teacher.

He is a unique entity.

It is most unique.

It is rather unique.

What was unique about this gift ?

India has a rich and unique cultural heritage.

It is a unique experience.

He wore a unique dress.

You will never get a very unique chance like this.

This is a unique chance.

It is a token of his unique love.

The building is unique in its style.

He occupies a unique place in the history of the freedom movement of India.

Rainy season has a unique flavour.

He has a unique personality.

Every Indian festival is unique in its own way.

Every person has its own unique personality.

People have a unique or weird obsession in their lives.

Each individual has to adopt a unique strategy in order to stay fit and healthy.

She stuns everyone with her fabulous and unique looks.

Everyone has a unique learning style.

Language is unique to man.

His technique was unique and absolutely amazing.

These flowers have a unique smell.

The rapid growth of the firm was attributed to its unique strategy.

Every website has a unique address.

A unique fossil of a tropical plant was found recently.