Unable-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : अक्षम, अयोग्य, अशक्त, असमर्थ, मंदबुद्धि, सुस्तदिमाग़

Example Sentences :

He is unable to provide for his family.

He is not so stupid as to be unable to tell right from wrong.

She is unable to cope with stress.

We were unable to find the web page that you requested.

Most were unable to read or write.

The police were unable to get anything out of the woman.

He was unable to remember what he had eaten for breakfast.

We were unable to make contact with them until it was too late.

I am unable to agree on that point.

He was unable to comprehend what I meant.

She felt unable to cope with driving in heavy traffic after her accident.

We were unable to finish our homework in time.

I was unable to look her in the face.

The police were unable to cope with such violence.

I was unable to leave home last Saturday.

It seems obvious that he is unable to swim.

He is unable to concentrate on his academic work.

She was choked with tears and was unable to speak.

It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

He was unable to decide who he should vote for.

If you are addicted to your phone and unable to break this habit play some soothing music before bed to distract and calm your mind.

There will be phases in life where you will find yourself stuck and unable to move away .

One who commits suicide leaves behind a social stigma for his kith and kin which they are unable to get rid of for years to come.

If you are unable to breathe properly while sleeping, it will cause you to make loud hoarse .