ultimately in a sentence

Most of the medicines that we use ultimately come to us through the trees and vegetation.

We worry for no reason and ultimately our health and our family pay for our mistake.

A man who tries to find shortcuts to success, ultimately lands himself only in a blind alley.

Education is the key to move in the world, seek better jobs and ultimately succeed in life.

It is ultimately a story that deserves a chance.

Ultimately their love story has a happy ending when they get married.

His iron ultimately carried the day.

Ultimately they had won the match.

He ultimately made his mark as a litterateur.

Ultimately he came round to his opponent’s viewpoint.

Ultimately his toleration gave in.

Ultimately, it affects economic progress.

Ultimately my brother was convinced for this project.

Motivation and determination ultimately help children succeed.

Drinks and drugs are crutches which ultimately replace real limbs.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?

A person with jaundiced eye ultimately repents over his misdeeds.

How did he ultimately succeed in fulfilling it ?

If its not treated on time it can ultimately lead to kidney failure.

People often overlook the symptoms of a fluctuating blood pressure which ultimately leads to a disastrous result.

The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.